Godaddy’s Website Builder – Good Enough for Massive Customer Base

If I were comparing Godaddy’s website builder to some of the top website builders on the market like Squarespace,, and Weebly, I’d have to say it’s lagging behind.

But the fact of the matter is – Godaddy’s website builder doesn’t have to compete with some of the best website builders out there. Since Godaddy is the top domain seller in the world, they have thousands of new visitors and current customers visiting their website and can simply upsell them on the website builder service.

For years the Godaddy website builder was severely behind in functionality and usability. This likely caused many customers to leave in droves. I know because I spoke to many of them and can only assume it was true for thousands of others.

Godaddy made a smart move in improving their website builder with V7, but not spending a ton on development to bring it up to speed with top website builders. Godaddy’s website builder is just good enough to retain existing customers and also attract new signups from their massive domain customer base.

Godaddy’s version 7 is super functional and elegantly simple. It doesn’t everything needed to create a simple website without introducing too much flare or complexity.

Check it out in the video above to see if it’s a good fit for your website. You can also read the full review here:

Vistaprint’s Improved Website Builder

vistaprintBig companies are big because they know how to make money – and Vistaprint is no exception. Vistaprint is one large company in the small business space that realized that too many of their customers are in need of websites for them to overlook the opportunity.

This is why – for a number of years – Vistaprint has offered a website builder as an extra to customers who visit their website purchasing their main product – printing.

Like many companies who entered the website market even though it wasn’t their core competency, their product was good enough to capture customers but not good enough to keep them.

This is most like part of the reason that Vistaprint acquired, a popular website builder with a superior platform, in 2011. Through the purchase, Vistaprint acquired the technology and was able to instantly increase the value given to their website customers.

The new Vistaprint Website Builder based on technology is much improved over the old Vistaprint website builder. You can check it out in this video here.

In the past, I would say stay away from the Vistaprint website builder, but thanks to the improved website builder, it is now good enough to be usable, but still not the best option in the website builder industry.

How to Optimize Images for the Web

website-images-optimizeI know you don’t want to relive the 1990s but let me bring you back there for a minute. Remember dialing into America Online and watching images load on your screen line by line. It was awesome back then to be experiencing the internet for the first time, but it’s not so cool anymore to have to wait for images to load on a website.

As images increase in quality with higher megapixel cameras and computer monitors, the images on websites are getting larger and larger.

It’s important for website owners to make sure they are keeping their website lean by making sure images are optimized for the web to load fast.

Even though internet speeds are super fast these days, it doesn’t mean web designers can totally disregard the size of images on their websites. If you let the images go unoptimized on a website, it could mean that your website grows to a size that takes 5-10 seconds to load. This might not sound like a long time, but to website visitors, it’s an eternity and you’ll lose 50% of your visitors before they even find your site.

If you’re not sure what it means to optimize images, watch the video below for more info.

Shopify – Finally – Selling Online is Easy

It’s no secret, online retail selling will only increase in the years to come. If you sell products, but not online, you’d be crazy not to at least consider it. Most small retailers never consider it because they think it is too expensive to develop a website.

It’s true – the normal $3,000 – $5,000 to get a basic e-commerce website can be cost-prohibitive for many small businesses.


What many small businesses don’t realize is that they can get a beautiful site online for selling their products and they can probably build it themselves in a matter of days using an e-commerce platform like Shopify.

Shopify is a popular all-in-one solution for selling online. It includes a shopping cart, pre-designed themes, integrated credit card processing… pretty much everything you need to sell online.

Get more info at or read this full Shopify review with a video walkthrough.

The most appealing thing about Shopify is the low cost. There is no cost to start and they even give a 30 day free trial. After that you can choose the monthly plan that suits your needs raning from $15-$200 depending on your needs.